Detached garage and its contents destroyed in Monday morning fire in southwest Austin

A detached garage and its contents at a residence in southwest Austin are being considered a total loss after being destroyed in a fire Monday morning.

The Austin Fire Department responded to the scene of the fire in the 1300 block of 24h St. SW at approximately 8:45 a.m. Monday morning.  Fire Chief Jim McCoy stated that the garage and its contents, including a classic pickup and a Chevy pickup were destroyed in the fire, and he added that an older vehicle parked near the garage also sustained damage.  Chief McCoy went on to state that the heat from the fire also damaged the siding on two garages at a neighboring residence to the north. The State Fire Marshal was on the scene Tuesday to investigate the fire, but McCoy stated that it is unknown if the cause of the fire will be determined due to the extent of the damage.

No injuries were reported.