S Granite Sink w/Ceramic Bowl 437-4981
S Wooden Rocker
S Wooden Desk
S Bike Frame
Albert Lea Weather Man 402-0682
S 2 – 100′ Lighted Extension Cords
S Hand Tools
S Generator
S Garage Heater
S Side Grinder
S Tool Stand
S Pioneer Chain Saw
S Bottle Jack
S Rods and Reels
S Wildlife Prints (Wolf Pictures)
In Home Sale Today 1-6 Saturday 9-4
1710 3rd Avenue SE
S Two Couches and Lazy Boy 460-0263
G/A Redish Colored Couch
S Size 10 Nike Shoes 279-9890
S Size 10 Black Nike Basketball Shoes
S Paul George Nike Basketball Shoes
S Filing Cabinet 325-2427
S 2 Wheel Snowmobile Dolly
S Carry All for Van or SUV
S ’82 Suzuki GS550L*
S 2000 Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive 327-3279
S 2006 Van
W 8′ Pole Saw Gas or Electric 437-2615
S Plastic Scoop Shovel
S 4′ Space Heater
S Counter Top Microwave
G/A Anolog TVs