CDC: It’s safe to gather in small groups without masks or distancing two weeks after vaccine

Those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can meet with others indoors in small groups without masks or social distancing, the Centers For Disease Control said Monday.

“For example, fully vaccinated grandparents can visit indoors with their unvaccinated healthy daughter and her healthy children without wearing masks or physical distancing, provided none of the unvaccinated family members are at risk of severe COVID-19,” the CDC said in a media release.

But this does not mean those who have been vaccinated should go back to “normal” life pre-COVID, the agency stresses.

The CDC still recommends that fully vaccinated people:

  • continue to wear well-fitted masks
  • avoid large gatherings
  • physically distance themselves from others when out in public
  • get tested if they develop symptoms that could be related to COVID-19

The CDC defines full vaccination as two weeks following the final COVID-19 shot.