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New license plates would raise money for agriculture education

Minnesotans who want to contribute to agriculture education and show their support may be able to do so the next time they buy license plates.  A bill making its way through the House and Senate would create a special agriculture plate for automobiles and motorcycles to raise money for the state’s FFA and 4-H organizations.  State District 27B Representative Jeanne Poppe, DFL’er from Austin, an author of the bill told KAUS that the two programs help to teach children important life lessons….... Read more

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Austin man charged with attempted murder and arson

An Austin man jailed on a first-degree arson charge has now also been charged with attempted murder in Mower County District Court.
29-year old Darrell Wigham, who was arrested in connection to a house fire at 304 11th Avenue Southwest in Austin last Wednesday morning was charged Friday with three counts of felony attempted first-degree murder-premeditated, felony first-degree attempted murder-with intent-while committing a felony and felony first-degree arson. Bail was set at $1,000,000.
Authorities reported that a woman from Austin had an altercation with Wigham at the house the evening before the fire and that Wigham grabbed a can of paint thinner and spread it on a door toward a fireplace and in several other areas of the house Tuesday night.
Wigham allegedly came back in the early-morning hours of Wednesday and threatened to burn the house down.
Two women from Austin, ages 18 and 20 inside the house awoke to the flames blocking their way downstairs Wednesday morning and were forced to evacuate the house from the roof before being rescued by an Austin Police officer.  An 18-year old male in the house was also able to escape from a first floor window uninjured.
Authorities reported that an alibi Wigham gave police during questioning did not check out, and he was then arrested.... Read more

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News Week in Review, now available on myaustinminnesota.com

Mower County has collected and incinerated over two tons of prescription drugs between 2011 to 2017, drivers shouldn’t expect much relief price wise at the gas pump this spring and an Austin man convicted for selling heroin out of his home near an Austin elementary school was sentenced to prison time on the News Week in Review, available only on myaustinminnesota.com….... Read more

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