Brief power outage in vicinity of 18th Avenue and 4th Street NW in Austin due to pickup striking high voltage box

Residents in the vicinity of 18th Avenue and 4th Street Northwest in Austin were without power for a short time Monday afternoon after a pickup struck a high voltage box near the intersection of the two roads.

Austin Police Captain Todd Clennon reported that a 2002 Chevy pickup being driven by 18-year old David Contreras of Austin left the roadway immediately south of the intersection of 18th Avenue and 4th Street Northwest at approximately 11:59 a.m. Monday morning in the southbound lane.  Clennon stated that the vehicle struck an Austin Utilities high voltage box, knocking the box off its foundation and causing a temporary power outage to the immediate area.  

Captain Clennon went on to state that the damage caused by the collision was estimated at over $1,000, and he added that Contreras was issued a citation for driving while having a revoked Minnesota driving status.  There were no injuries reported.