Bridge on CSAH 2 east of Lansing closed for repairs

A bridge on CSAH 2 east of the village of Lansing in Mower County is being closed to traffic for safety reasons.

Mower County Public Works Director Mike Hanson stated in a news release that the closure, authorized by the County Board of Commissioners, is due to newly documented distress in the steel piling elements of the substructure holding up the bridge deck.  Hanson stated that recent low water conditions in the Cedar River allowed inspectors to review the condition of the piling below the normal water line.  The closure of the bridge and roadway is being implemented by County forces to allow for a more in-depth determination of what repairs are necessary and warranted to put the bridge back in service.

Hanson stated that more information will be available once the investigation is completed.  It is hoped that the bridge will be returned to service as soon as a decision becomes available and repairs can be made.

Motorists are asked to follow the temporary detour which is being established.