Austin woman sentenced to supervised probation on felony drug possession charge in Mower County District Court

An Austin woman who was found to be in possession of 22.34 grams of methamphetamine after a traffic stop by Austin Police in September of 2021 has been sentenced to supervised probation in Mower County District Court.  

31-year-old Sabrina Elizabeth Stotlar was sentenced Thursday to three years of supervised probation for a felony charge of 3rd degree drugs, possession of 10 or more grams of a narcotic drug other than heroin.  Judge Jeffery Kritzer granted Stotlar a stay of adjudication in the case where the defendant pleads guilty to a felony-level offense.  If Stotlar complies with the 16 different terms of her probation, the sentence will be deemed a misdemeanor.  

Stotlar was convicted on the charge on April 18th after pleading guilty the same day.  Stotlar initially pleaded not guilty to the charge on September 20th, 2021, and a misdemeanor charge for driving after suspension in the case against Stotlar was dismissed with her guilty plea.