Austin Utilities crews respond to natural gas leak

Crews with Austin Utilities have responded to a natural gas leak in the northwestern sector of the city.

Austin Utilities General Manager Mark Nibaur reported that construction crews working on a street project at the intersection of 10th Avenue and 7th St. NW struck a gas main earlier this afternoon, forcing law enforcement to block off an area approximately a block and a half in size around the ruptured gas main.

As a precaution, homes in the affected area have been evacuated, but Nibaur stated that crews are in the process of pinching off the ruptured main to stop the leak, and they will then repair the main and re-establish service.  Nibaur went on to state that crews expect two homes in the area to ultimately be affected by the leak, and he added that crews will enact repairs and restore natural gas service to the area as soon as possible.