Besides holding an election for four open seats on its school board during the November 3rd election, the Austin School District will also be hosting a special election for an operating levy referendum.  KAUS News spoke with Lori Volz, the Executive Director of Finance and Operations for the Austin School District who stated that one of the main reasons for the request is the plateauing of student enrollment in the district….

Volz also stated that another main reason for the request is the State of Minnesota’s education funding formula is not keeping up with inflation…

Volz went on to talk about the financial impact the levy increase, if approved, would have on residents of the district…..

According to district numbers, should the referendum pass, revenue for the district will increase by $2.8 million.  It is the first time the Austin School District has asked for an operating levy since 2003, when voters approved the renewal of a $1 million operating levy.