Officers from the Austin Police Department responded to two different reports of shots fired late Monday evening that occurred approximately 20 minutes apart from one another.

Officers responded to the first report at approximately 10:24 p.m. Monday evening from the 700 block of 2nd St. NW.  Chief of Police Dave McKichan reported that several parties had called in hearing what sounded like gunshots in the area.  Upon investigation, officers spoke with a victim who stated that they, the driver and two passengers were parked on the block when two unknown subjects wearing dark clothing and hoodies got out of a vehicle and started shooting towards them, striking their vehicle.  Chief McKichan stated that officers collected 12 spent shell casings and one slug located in the area, and no injuries were reported.  

The second incident occurred at approximately 10:41 p.m. Monday evening in the 200 block of 12th Avenue SW.  McKichan stated that a homeowner on the block who had been awakened by gunfire inspected their property and found several holes in the walls of their home and bullets on the floor.  Chief McKichan indicated that a 49-year old female, a 28-year old male and an 11-year old female were all in the residence at the time of the shooting and were all uninjured.  Five spent bullets were recovered from inside the residence and eleven shell casings were found outside the home.  Officers located a possible suspect vehicle in the area, an Illinois plated 2012 white Chevrolet Impala sedan which was towed and held pending a warrant application.  Chief McKichan stated that the occupants of the residence that was fired upon were not believed to be linked to the earlier incident, and he added that it appeared they were mistakenly targeted.  

The two incidents remain under investigation, and McKichan stated that the Austin Police Department is asking anyone living in the area of the 500-900 blocks of 2nd St. NW and the 100-400 blocks of 12th Ave. SW to check any surveillance systems they might have for suspicious activity in the 10:20-10:45 p.m. time frame from Monday evening, and to notify Austin Police if anything helpful is discovered.  Anyone else with information is encouraged to call the Austin Police Department at (507) 437-9400.