An Austin man who pled guilty to mail theft and child neglect charges in Mower County District Court has been sentenced to supervised probation, a fine and restitution.

37-year old Andrew Spencer Brody was sentenced to three years of supervised probation, a $500 fine, and he must also pay $383 in total restitution to his victims.

Brody was charged with 21 counts of mail theft in July 2019. Austin Police reported that a home security system captured a male suspect stealing a package and his vehicle. Officers found the vehicle in the video and learned it was registered to Brody. Police stated that a search of the vehicle and Brody’s residence turned up multiple pieces of mail which did not belong to him.

Investigators say Brody’s home was also full of clutter, garbage and rotten food. He was charged with child neglect for letting his 12-year-old daughter live in such conditions.

Brody pleaded guilty to one count of mail theft and one count of child neglect. The other charges, including one for driving with a revoked license, were dismissed.