An Austin man is facing domestic assault and assault charges in Mower County District Court after a domestic disturbance late Friday evening involving his two sons.


Austin Police officers responded to the incident at 11:45 p.m. Friday evening at a residence in the 1800 block of 3rd Street Northeast.  Chief of Police Dave McKichan reported that the victim, an 18-year old male from Austin told authorities that he and his father, later identified as 42-year old Emilio Gutierrez of Austin had gotten into an argument where Gutierrez had allegedly brandished a knife.  The victim went on to state that Gutierrez had lacerated his cheek while swinging the knife, causing an approximate 2 ½ inch long wound. Chief McKichan stated that officers photographed the wound and took Gutierrez into custody.

Gutierrez is currently in the Mower County jail, where he is facing a felony charge of 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon and also a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.  McKichan also stated that a juvenile male who is Gutierrez’s son was uninjured after trying to stop the altercation.