An Austin man is facing assault and trespassing charges in Mower County District Court after spitting at Austin Police Officers and threatening to have them shot and killed during an incident at an Austin convenience store on New Year’s Day.

Officers were dispatched to the Mandolin Apartments in Austin on New Year’s Day for a trespassing complaint.  The property manager told officers that 35-year old Oman Onyongo had returned to the complex after being banned from the property on May 4th, 2020.  Chief of Police Dave McKichan stated in a news release that Onyongo was later located at Apollo Gas Station on Oakland Avenue West with two other people.  Officers were advised that Onyongo may be intoxicated, and when given a preliminary breath test, McKichan stated that Onyongo blew a .284.  Onyongo’s probation officer was then advised of the situation and requested that he be placed on a 72-hour hold.  Chief McKichan stated that Onyongo proceeded to act belligerently and lunged toward officers, spitting in one officer’s face and threatening to have the officers shot and killed.  

Onyongo was then transported to MCHS-Austin to be medically cleared, and he was then taken to the Mower County jail, where he is facing charges of trespassing and 4th degree assault of a peace officer.