Austin City Council approves resolution accepting grants from Hormel Foundation for 2023

The Austin City Council approved a resolution at their Monday meeting to accept grants to the city from the Hormel Foundation for 2023.  Austin Mayor Steve King spoke with KAUS during the “Meet the Mayor” segment of “Wright Here, Right Now,” and he stated that the city is very appreciative to the Foundation for helping to make Austin a better place to be…

Grants approved by the Hormel Foundation for the city for 2023 include partial funding of $125,000 for the CHIP II loan expansion and curb appeal program, $120,000 toward a pedestrian trail from Eastside Lake to U.S. Highway 218, partial funding of $70,000 toward the Business Encouragement and Enhancement Program, $61,000 to fund hotspot data plans through the Austin Public Library, $45,000 for J.C. Hormel Nature Center programs and $5,000 for fire prevention and education.  The Foundation also approved an additional $50,000 grant for the Austin Public Library to hire a Technology Coordinator for 2023 to help administer the hotspot program, and they also awarded the city a $96,253 quality of life grant, which includes $23,000 for the 4th of July festival and $73,253 to the Austin Artworks Center for rent and property tax reimbursement.

In total, the city of Austin was approved for $572,253 in grants, including partner grants, for 2023.