Austin City Council appoints Geoff Baker to fill vacant seat in the city’s 1st Ward

The Austin City Council appointed Geoff Baker at a meeting Thursday evening to fill a vacant seat on the council in the city’s 1st Ward after Councilman Oballa Oballa resigned in June because of his family’s move out of the 1st Ward.

Baker, Varinh Van Vugt and Steve Barrett had submitted applications to fill the remainder of Oballa’s term via City Council appointment, as short presentations were given to the council at last night’s meeting before the decision to appoint Baker to the position was made.  Baker will serve on the council until December 31st, 2024.

Oballa has since filed to run for the At-Large seat currently held by Jeff Austin, who is running for reelection along with a second challenger, David Schenck. Because three candidates are running for the seat, a primary election to narrow the list of candidates down to two will be held on August 9th.