A Non-Traditional Tradition

Spring is in full swing and we have finally arrived at my favorite weekend of the year – The Minnesota Fishing Opener!

In preparation for this year’s opener I have been going through the usual rituals: stopping at my favorite sporting goods store for my license, some hooks, maybe a lure or two, and some fresh line.

Back at home I have been doing some maintenance on my reels, spooling up the new line, cleaning out the tackle box, spending a couple of hours sharpening hooks, and generally making sure that everything is ready to go. 

But go where?

During a typical year I would be getting up early on Friday to head to the host site for the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener (#MNGFO2020) event. This year’s host was supposed to be the communities of Otter Tail County.

But this year is anything but typical.

With stay at home orders in place due to the Corona virus outbreak, the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener event has been cancelled for this year. Additionally, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has recommended travelling no further than a tank of gas can get you, round trip.

This year rather than road tripping to the big media event or just heading up north to fish the reservoir lakes of the Saint Louis River outside Duluth, I will be exploring some of the lakes and streams closer to home. This is the year to take advantage of the travel restrictions and discover some local hot spots that I have previously overlooked.

So while some of our traditions and rituals surrounding the opener are being changed this year, like heading to a favorite far away lake, opportunities abound to partake in one of Minnesota’s greatest traditions – The Minnesota Fishing Opener!

Be safe and keep your line tight.