Austin Public Schools has a new logo

Austin Public Schools have a new logo.

Over the past several years, APS has been working toward developing a new, more unified look.  This began in earnest in winter 2016 with the launch of our new website and continued through the next several years with the development of a new mission statement (Engage, Empower, Inspire) and building the district’s social media presence, which includes @ISD492 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  Now, the district is excited to unveil its APS logo.

The process of creating the logo started by brainstorming numerous ideas about Who We Are as a district.  These ideas ranged from an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) and athletics to a desire to care for the whole child and conveying our diversity as a district and community.

After several iterations, planners settled on the final design for several reasons.  The Austin A in the center symbolizes Austin Public Schools.  They felt it was important to include the A for tradition and heritage, and the slight offset is meant to convey our drive to provide a modern education for our students.  The circles around the A are meant to symbolize inclusion and togetherness while still providing a path through education.  And, finally, the swirling colors represent the diversity we have in both our schools and the community.

The logo was first unveiled at the Austin School Board meeting Monday evening.