Problems & Solutions: Week of Oct. 29th

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Monday ~ Pat Flodman, feng shui consultant, discusses this ancient Chinese art that has to do with proper placement of furniture and items in your home and office to enhance your health, wealth, creativity, and relationships.

Tuesday – Dr. Ally from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center answers your questions pertaining to prescription and over-the-counter medications and supplements.

Wednesday – In the first half, Dr. Michele Borba discusses topics from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, including toddler tantrums in the store, “time out” tips, bedtime rituals and for older kids – taming the homework battles. Dr. Borba is an educational psychologist and appears regularly on NBC’s Today Show. In the second half, recipe creator and author Maria Rama talks about unique breakfast ideas and selection and preparation of seafood.

Thursday – Dick Campbell of Campbell’s Nurseries & Garden Centers answers questions about your outdoor preparation for the winter months.

Friday – This is an earlier interview that Cathy did with Tim Sanders, best-selling author of Today We Are Rich, about all those things that money can’t buy. He wrote this especially for those who feel like their life is moving sideways – or worse yet, stuck in a rut and barely moving at all.