First Growing Acres event to be held at Riverland College Friday and Saturday

The first Growing Acres, Inspiring Niche Markets and Local Foods event is coming up later this week at Riverland Community College’s campus in Austin.  Organizer Denalia Higgins spoke with John Wright on “Wright Here, Right Now” on KAUS and talked more about what will be coming up this Friday and Saturday….

The event is hosted by the Center for Agricultural and Food Science Technology at Riverland, and Higgins added that they are looking at small or large growers around the region….

The event will start Friday, February 16th with registration and breakfast at 8:30 a.m., and a welcome and keynote speaker, Cheryal Lee Hills, Region 5 Development Commission at 9:15.  Exhibits, resource and try-it tables will be available all day, and the event will continue Saturday.  For more information on how to register and a full list of events and speakers, go to