Mower SWCD to conduct research analyzing soil health thanks in large part to Hormel Foundation grant

Mower SWCD, which started a soil health initiative in 2015 has successfully requested a $98,000 grant from the Hormel Foundation to conduct research analyzing soil health at potentially 45 plots in Mower County, about half in the Cedar River Watershed.  Mower SWCD’s Steve Lawler, a certified soil scientist will lead the research, and he talked to KAUS News about what the study will all entail….

Lawler went on to state that the Mower SWCD is very grateful to the Hormel Foundation for the grant funds….

The nearly $200,000 project will match the Foundation’s grant with state capacity funds given annually by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, and with in-kind services from partner agencies.  This fall, Mower SWCD will continue planning for the project’s launch with field work in the spring of 2018, when soil temperature gauges will be placed in the ground before planting, which will be followed by plot work.