Voters in Hayfield School District approved bond referendum

Voters in the Hayfield School District approved approximately $24 million in renovations on outdated equipment within their elementary and high schools at the polls on Monday as they approved two different ballot questions by wide margins.  KAUS News spoke with Hayfield Schools Superintendent Gregg Slatthaug, who stated that the real winners from Monday’s vote are the kids….

Slatthaug went on to note that the real work now begins….

Slatthaug stated that the list of projects that will be covered by the bonding funds is almost endless…..

Superintendent Slatthaug reported that 47% of eligible voters in the district went to the polls on Monday.  Question 1, which will provide $10 million for remodeling at the district’s elementary school and internal fixtures such as the outdated boilers at the high school was approved by 62%, or well over 300 more yes than no votes.  Question 2, which will provide $4.3 million toward security renovations was approved by 57%, or well over 160 more yes than no votes.  1,273 total votes were cast.  Slatthaug stated that some of the work will get underway in February, but most will get started in the summer of 2018.