1st District U.S. House candidates square off at Farmfest over Farm Bill

The next Farm Bill was a big topic as candidates for U.S. House in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District squared off Tuesday morning at Farmfest near Redwood Falls.

Republican-endorsed candidate Brad Finstad says he hears over and over that what’s most important to farmers is risk management.

“So from a crop insurance aspect, we have to make sure that the Farm Bill is fully funding and fully engaged in the needs of the farmers when it comes to risk mitigation,” Finstad said.

Republican Jeremy Munson, challenging Finstad in next Tuesday’s primary election, says risk mitigation must be balanced against excessive regulations put on farmers.

“These have to be in balance, and currently they’re not. We have more regulations out there,” said Munson. “The stick is bigger than the carrot.”

Democratic candidate Jeff Ettinger was just diagnosed with COVID and couldn’t participate in today’s Farmfest forum.

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