1,383 arrests made on Minnesota roads during holiday enforcement campaign

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports 1,383 D-W-I arrests were made during the holiday enforcement campaign.  Brent Palm has more:

The Austin Police Department arrested seven imparied drivers during the campaign, and Officer JJ Mueller, who runs the department’s Toward Zero Deaths program stated that of those seven, three were alcohol related, with the highest blood alcohol content recorded at .14.  He added that the other four were suspected drug DWI’s and are pending results from the Minnesota BCA.  Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik stated that while there were no DWI arrests recorded during times when Toward Zero Deaths was being enforced during the campaign, there were three other DWI arrests recorded in rural areas of  the county during that time frame in non-TZD times, and he added that all of the arrests also involved the recovery of narcotics.